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The safest place is beside me

Come back to my side... one day.

Kaname Kuran
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Name: Kaname Kuran
Fandom:Vampire Knight
Race: Vampire – Pureblood/Level A
Timeline: Ch 61
Age: 19
Sex: Male
✞ Yuuki Kuran
✞ The Night Class
✞ Teasing
✞ Being mysterious
✞ Zero Kiryuu
✞ Corruption in the Council
✞ Rido Kuran
✞ Not having control
There is MUCH uncertainty about this, but judging by what has happened in the manga and what the author/illustrator, Hino-sensei, has said in the fanbook, Kaname can pretty much control or manipulate -to some degree- all of the earthly elements. All of his senses are obscenely sensitive, even more so than a noble vampire. He can heal quickly and heal others.

Purebloods have tons of abilities, and they are not limited to particular things like the Nobles (ex: ice, fire etc.). A pureblood sometimes favors one ability over another because they like it, but not because they don’t have the capability to develop it. They might choose to specialize in a skill, but it is so much more powerful than a noble's ability that they do not compare. Kaname, on the other hand, does not prefer one skill over another.

Because of his bloodline, he has the ability to erase memories, manipulate minds and quite possibly read them on some level since the fan book lists his ability as being 'Telepathic'. His powers are strongest on humans since they have no vampiric blood in their bodies. Kaname's abilities haven't fully been exposed in the series, but he does have the strength to crush even powerful vampires with his mind alone.

Kaname can also send a portion of himself elsewhere in the form of animals. He usually sends a part of his power to watch over Yuuki and does so in the form of bats or a black wolf. The degrees of strength can vary in this form, but because it is only a piece of him, it isn't very powerful and another pureblood of equal ability can easily crush one of those forms. A noble vampire, however, would have a tougher time defeating it because the two differ greatly in strength.
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